Communications & Design

Caviness Printing | 224 E. Raleigh St.
Product(s): Brochures, business cards, flyers
Phone: 919-742-3711 | Availability: Direct order
International Vault makes affordable modular vault systems, which they also install. Their specialty vaults have stored everything from $100 million in diamonds to Kuwaiti gold bullion. Sales of their vaults extend around the world.



Chatham Monuments | 227 N. 2nd Ave.
Product(s): Bronze, marble, and granite memorials
Phone: 919-663-3120 | Availability: Direct order
Chatham Monuments provides solid craftsmanship at affordable prices. Their bronze, marble, and granite monuments are available in a variety of designs. They have an outdoor showroom of their models at their store on 2nd Avenue.



The Chatham News | 303 W. Raleigh St. | Website
Product(s): Weekly newspaper
Phone: 919-663-3232 | Availability: Retail, subscription
Western Chatham’s weekly newspaper providing information on local events, politics, and people. Their paper is available at many shops in Siler City and surrounding areas. Their sister paper is the Chatham Record.



NC Signs | 11330 Hwy 64 W. | Website
Product(s): Signs, banners
Phone: 919-663-7446 | Availability: Direct order
By providing signs, banners, and custom lettering, NC Signs remains Siler City’s most diverse option for signing solutions. They are North Carolina’s complete sign resource. Their work is visible all over the region.