Wholesale & Industrial Supply

Acme-McCrary | 1311 E.11th St. | Website
Product(s): Hosiery, garments
Phone: 336-625-2161 | Availability: Wholesale
Acme-McCrary is an Asheboro based company that provides hosiery and garments on a national scale. Their Siler City operation recently moved to a larger, higher capacity facility on Highway 64 West.



Basic Machinery | 1220 Harold Andrews Rd. | Website
Product(s): Machine shop
Phone: 919-663-2244 | Availability: Direct order, wholesale
Basic Machinery is an international company whose primary focus is on the automation of brick manufacturing plants. The Siler City-based plant machines many of the parts that go into these systems.



Chandler Concrete | 804 S. Chatham Ave. | Website
Product(s): Concrete and building supplies
Phone: 919-742-2167 | Availability: Wholesale, direct order
Chandler Concrete is a regional company working in surrounding states. Their products include ready-mix concrete, masonry, and grotto hardscapes for retaining walls. They are a family-owned company, and have been for 38 years.



Engineered Plastic Components | 920 E. Raleigh St. | Website
Product(s): Molded plastics
Phone: 919-663-3141 | Availability: Direct order, wholesale
Engineered Plastic Components is a national plastics company with a facility in Siler City that focuses on various kinds of molding and welding. They make a wide spectrum of molded plastic products, the majority of which are for automotive applications.



International Precast | 2469 Old 421 N. | Website
Product(s): Concrete structures
Phone: 919-742-3132 | Availability: Direct order
International precast specializes in custom precast concrete structures for commercial, government, residential, and other specialty applications. They are a “sister” company to International Vaults, located at the same address.



International Vault | 2469 Old 421 N. | Website
Product(s): Vaults, safes
Phone: 919-742-3132 | Availability: Direct order
International Vault makes affordable modular vault systems, which they also install. Their specialty vaults have stored everything from $100 million in diamonds to Kuwaiti gold bullion. Sales of their vaults extend around the world.



Olympic Steel | 3031 Hamp Stone Rd. | Website
Product(s): Steel girders, armored vehicle kits, parts for trailers
Phone: 919-742-5832 | Availability: Direct order
Olympic Steel offers a selection of flat-rolled steel products and grades ranging from basic commercial quality to ultra-high strength in steel and other specialty metals. The Siler City-based plant supplies to the leading manufacturers of construction equipment.